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When the holidays roll around, the question arises of what to do with our prized toy poodle. Don't worry! With a toy poodle, you will never be short of options. Your friends and family will fight over taking care of him, but let me give you some advice: take your furry friend with you, not only for him, but also for you. A toy poodle is a very special company, they love to go out and see the world, they are like little people full of energy and love.

If the type of trip you have planned does not allow you to take your toy poodle with you, don't worry, there are other alternatives. You can choose someone you trust, like a friend or family member, to watch your little one while you're away. I'm sure it will be raffled off among your friends and family. That's not a toy and people have to take complete responsibility.

Another option is to look for a trusted dog center that has all the necessary licenses and permits. You should be careful with illegal centers, as they can pose a health risk to your furry friend. Make sure the dog center has veterinary care and complies with all necessary regulations. Before leaving your toy poodle at a facility, make a pre-visit to make sure the place is safe, clean, and suitable for your little one.

It is important that from a young age your toy poodle is used to sleeping away from home and spending time with other people from an early age. This will strengthen his self-confidence and prevent excessive dependence on you. From a young age, get them used to sleeping in different places and spending time with different people. This will help boost your confidence and adaptability.

If your toy poodle is Del Nile, you can always count on us. In general, we do not offer the option of a dog hotel, but for the parents of our furry dogs, we will be delighted to receive them again, since they will never stop being our family.

Remember that socialization and independence are key to making your toy poodle feel safe and happy in different situations. Enjoy your vacation knowing that your little friend will be in good hands and ready to welcome you with joy when you return home.