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First of all, let's be honest, everything we say is biased. We see our puppies with the eyes of a father and mother. The truth is that it is a wonderful breed, it does not lose its hair, it is hypoallergenic, intelligent, affectionate... they have it all.

It is undeniable that we are in love with the breed and that therefore we cannot be completely partial. It must be said that until we discovered the toy poodle we had always been a large breed: we have had Great Danes, Weimaraners, Boxers, Goldens, Labradors... also iguanas, snakes and even some hamsters... we love animals, but toy poodles They are... another level. Being able to take them with you always, plane, boat, car, bike... Plus that combination of calm when you want and playful makes them very easy dogs. We always say that they are cat-dogs, because they are very clean. In fact, people have the feeling that they need a lot of attention, but we calmly go to work first thing in the morning and if we don't return until the evening on the webcam you see them playing alone with their hundreds of toys, plus they have a artificial grass that filters urine into a tray, so if we go at midday we know they don't have to be suffering. In fact, when your puppy comes home, it is important to leave him alone for several hours a day, so that he learns to be alone.

Being a little less emotional, what stands out most about the toy poodle is:

The first is the coat , not losing hair is wonderful, at home, on clothes, in the car, the level of hygiene of these dogs is wonderful. It allows you to take them everywhere and enjoy them in an unmatched way.

The second is intelligence , they are the second most intelligent dog only behind the border collie, although the first in emotional intelligence, that allows you to educate them, as you know, some of our people even talk to us and they can be educated wonderfully. You can see some videos in the gallery or on our Instagram, or better yet come see them in person.

The third is the size , traveling by plane, train, putting them on the couch, even cradling them and cuddling them in your arms... it is an ideal size to be able to fully enjoy your furry friend. A very important element is that the toy poodle is not a smaller toy poodle. They are different races, with similarities, but with differentiated genetic lines. Beyond size, the toy poodle has a short nose, a long ear, a smaller head... while the dwarf poodle is more robust in the thorax, has a sharp and long nose, and the ear is more rounded and shorter. Perhaps the biggest difference lies in the character, much calmer in the toy.