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The phrase that sums up the poodle as a therapy dog ​​is: Smile generator. Walking with one of our dogs down the street makes it inevitable that people smile when they see it, and therefore forces you to smile. For a few minutes the stress, the problems, do not exist. You look at him and smile. It is an indescribable feeling to return home knowing that you have made people happier just by saying hello to your furry friend and that you are also happier by looking at him.

We could tell you thousands of stories. We have had friends with family losses, acquaintances with serious health problems, children with problems at school... We do not want to talk about this but about how in the face of a loss, in the face of a problem, a dog can be a great ally. He forces us to leave the house, forces us to worry about him and steals our smiles when he brings us a ball.

When we talk about therapy dogs, we add one more point to everything that a toy poodle already offers. These types of dogs are focused on elderly people, children with social problems, or anyone who needs the stuffed animal that comes home to do so without needing to pay too much attention to its education. In our center we have a veterinarian and also a canine trainer. Depending on the individual needs of each person, we will work with the dog from puppyhood on aspects of obedience, walking, intensity of play... and everything we can contribute.

In more specific cases such as Asperger's, attention disorders, bullying, Down syndrome, or other specific situations, specific attention is given to different learning areas of the dog so that they can be used at home and stimulate the patient. There are many studies that show that therapies with animals, and especially with dogs, promote the creation of a bond, personal acceptance, stimulate sensory development and above all: they make people happier, perhaps that is the key. Recently we saw a little boy with a sensitive disorder that did not allow anyone to touch him, it was curious how he accepted that the dog licked him.

Do not hesitate to ask us about something as beautiful and as broad as animal therapy. As toy poodles are intelligent and calm, they are ideal for therapy, in addition to their low weight, the fact that they are huggable makes it much easier to create attachment and allow them to accompany people in all the activities of the day.