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Welcome, truly: Welcome to our family. It is not just a phrase, our Toy Poodles are our little children and if you have one of them you become part of our family forever. By the way, delighted that you come to meet us! Until then, go to the photo gallery to see our puppies!!! By the way, we are not a store or a large company, so we do not have a schedule as such, just let us know a couple of days in advance to make sure we have enough! We introduce ourselves We are César and Mercedes. I am a doctor, in fact I was an extraordinary winner, but my passion has always been animals and especially dogs. I wanted to be a veterinarian but at that time there was only the private option and my family could not pay for it. In exchange I had many dogs!! Many!! From a boxer, a Weimaraner, a dachshund, a labrador, a golden, and my greatest wish: a Great Dane.

In short: my current wife wanted a Poodle, she was obsessed, she sent me photos and photos... Come on, a little brother for Pongo (the Great Dane), I didn't really want a small dog... In the end we decided step!! Nilo was intelligent, affectionate, he had everything, especially the fact that he could come everywhere, he traveled with us, he came to dinner, to the shops... it didn't matter where he could come. The hair thing was incredible, I had never had a dog that didn't fill my house with hair.

When our little Toy poodle turned one year old, the problems began, he grew bigger, he weighed 12 kilos, he was not a toy poodle, he was actually mixed with a toy poodle. He also started having health problems...

We were in Miami for work when Nile's tumor appeared. The veterinarians told us that if we had genetic testing for the parents... we didn't even know what they were talking about. They made one for him, revealing a high level of endogamy, that is, kinship between his parents. Our Toy Poodle had a pedigree... But we discovered that the pedigree is not validated. It is a responsible statement. There was so much inbreeding in his lineage... he ended up dying shortly after.

We immediately bought another poodle, we couldn't find anyone who offered us genetic tests, but we were devastated... This one became big, it wasn't a real Toy either, its nose became very long and it was much bigger than a Toy Poodle. We met more and more people with the same problem and we decided: We are going to raise it ourselves and do it well, or at least as best as possible. We bought a piece of land in the mountains, we asked for a thousand licenses, we spoke with breeders from all over the world, and with my uncle who has been breeding Pyrenean Mastiffs for as long as I can remember... Thank you to everyone who has helped us get to this point. here, especially to our family, to Susana, to so many breeders who are now friends and who ask us for our babies to improve their genetics.

We have traveled all over the world with the excuse. Mussu came from Okinawa, rather we went to Japan for him. We had to live there for a month for all the paperwork. South Korea was no easier, that's where ShinShan came from. From the Mauritius islands came Mauritius... All with their genetic test, all with absent consanguinity haplotypes. All healthy and with dominant color genes. We were very heavy with the laboratories, first Lavogen from Germany, now with the US, we have put a lot of pressure on them to have a complete test that gives us truly useful information. We are delighted, thank you for helping us so much. At first they only sent us one sheet of paper, now we are going for five!!

Notice how far we have come that we have a rule: the father and the mother must be from a different continent. Because? Because there has been a lot of progress in the genetics of the Toy Poodle and dogs in general, but still not everything is known, just like with people. That's why we prefer to make poodle crosses with double insurance, the genetic test, perfect, but also different continents.

Anyway, genetics, health, are important. But you have to fall in love, they are life partners, come and meet them, ask in more places, there are excellent Toy Poodle breeders, go away if necessary until they give you confidence, ask to see the parents, if they are only poodle breeders better , or a couple of breeds, ask for a contract and invoice, do not accept shipments, go see it, or at least have the breeders take you in person, because the transport companies do it wrong, but it is not the same and you don't know what other dogs you are traveling with... it's all advice, but I insist: ask and ask, color is a whole world, read the section we have about it, just like the size, you have to be able to trust the parents and human mommies of the puppies... But above all, give you a moment to forget everything, look at him and fall in love with his little eyes, because he will be your life partner.

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We are members of the Royal Canine Society of Spain. Our adults have LOE and International pedigree.


We perform Genetic tests on all our daddies and mommies. With this we rule out congenital diseases, we avoid inbreeding and we control the color and size in adulthood.


We believe in responsible farming and we are committed to the environment. We use solar energy and even recycle rainwater.

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Frequent questions

Toy Poodle Breed: Characteristics, History, Care

Although you have read a lot, or we left an article that we wrote a few years ago:

The Toy Poodle, with its innate elegance, sharp intelligence and affectionate nature, has established itself as one of the most popular and beloved dog breeds in homes around the world. This article delves into the unique characteristics, rich history, and specific care this very special breed requires.


The history of the Toy Poodle is as fascinating as the breed itself. Although commonly associated with France, its origin is a source of debate among canine historians, who place it between Germany and France. Poodles, in general, were known for their skill in hunting waterfowl, thanks to their excellent swimming ability. The Toy Poodle, the smallest version of the breed, was initially bred to delight aristocracy and royalty in the 18th century, quickly becoming a symbol of luxury and status.



The Toy Poodle is distinguished by its small size, with a height that does not exceed 28 cm at the withers. Their curly hair is another of their identifying features, which can come in a wide range of colors, including black, white, brown, and the distinctive red. This blanket is not only beautiful, but also hypoallergenic, making it ideal for families with allergies.


This breed stands out for its intelligence and learning capacity, being one of the most intelligent and easy to train dogs. Their friendly and loyal nature makes them excellent companions, although they can be reserved with strangers. They are active dogs that enjoy company and do not like to be alone for long periods.



Toy Poodles are generally healthy, but like all breeds, they are susceptible to certain genetic conditions, such as eye and joint problems. It is crucial to have regular veterinary checkups and keep your vaccinations up to date.


A balanced diet is essential to maintain your health and energy. Being a small breed, they require high-quality food adapted to their size, with the necessary nutrients for a healthy coat and an active life.


Despite their size, they have a relatively high energy level. Although they do not require daily exercise, they love to go out and play sports, which can consist of walks and play sessions. Mental stimulation is also important, so intelligence games and regular training are recommended.


Caring for their coat is perhaps the most demanding aspect, requiring regular brushing to avoid tangles and periodic trimming to maintain its shape. This care not only contributes to your appearance, but also to your overall well-being.

From the Nilo Toy Poodle Kennel, we want to express our deepest gratitude to the collaborators from all over the world who have shared our path. Our perseverance in conducting extensive genetic testing, initially viewed with skepticism, has been instrumental in our mission to ensure the health and well-being of Toy Poodles. Thanks to the continuous support of international breeders and genetic laboratories, we have managed to establish an unprecedented bank of genetic profiles for our beloved Toy Poodles, thus ensuring a healthier and happier future for them. At the Nile Toy Poodle Kennel, each sheet we add to our collection of genetic profiles is a step forward in our promise of excellence and responsibility. We sincerely thank our global community for their support and trust. Together, we continue to write this story, one of love, dedication and commitment to Toy Poodles and their future generations. Thank you for considering Nile Toy Poodle Kennel as part of your family.