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My Toy Poodle doesn't want to eat

One of the most common problems in breeds as intelligent as the Toy Poodle is that they stop eating. The two most common causes are: moving house and some minor gastroenteritis. Any other breed would continue eating without a problem, but the poodle is an especially intelligent dog. It's not that he is weak or anything similar, but he is able to understand what is happening in his body and environment. It's a bit like a little person, if your stomach hurts, why don't you eat? Well, if they have any small inflammatory process or if they are sad because they have left behind what was their family, they can decide to do some fasting.

The feeding protocol, a priori for life, except in specific cases, is: feed on demand. That is, they always have feed in the bowl. We generically recommend the Royal Canine Mini Puppie for Toy Poodle puppies. The main reason is that it has a very small and easy grain for them. If we see that our poodle does not have much passion for eating, something normal for them, we must monitor their poops: as long as they do it regularly, they are eating, since many times we are not going to see how to eat. If we see that the feed bowl does not go down we can heat water and mix a glass of hot water with a glass of feed, pouring both into the feeder. When the feed softens, it emits a very strong smell that attracts the poodle. If we continue with this without success, cans of dog paté or wet food are a good resource as a transition. Ultimately, some chicken or salmon is useful without involving too much change, since their feed is mainly made up of these components. We always have it in the freezer and what we do is cut a long strip, we chop it up and, still frozen, we put it in the freezer for a few seconds. The effect is usually immediate in whetting their appetite.

We always deliver the chubby puppies, with their bellies full as we usually say, because we are aware that it is often difficult for them to eat the first few days. However, with one day without eating, weight loss is rapid and you have to be careful. A very useful drug in these circumstances is Mosegor, which stimulates appetite, although we recommend that you consult with your veterinarian.

As a general element, the most important thing is to watch that they eat, sit with them and pet them while they eat. If in doubt, we recommend weighing the puppy every morning to see its weight evolution and if there is any notable decrease, contact us and go to the veterinarian.