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How it all started

We are César and Mercedes. Delighted to welcome you into our furry family! I am a doctor and Mercedes is dedicated to the cosmetic sector. When we met I had a Great Dane and she wanted a little brother for Pongo, the truth is that I didn't want another dog, much less a small one.
I let her continue: In the end I convinced him. Just when we started living together, the best gift of my life arrived: Our first Nile. We fell in love with him. Cesar fell in love after a few days. The fact that he didn't stain or shed hair was amazing, but he was also especially smart. César had had many dogs in his life, Weimaraner, Dachshund, Boxer, Labrador... But for the first time he could take him to play with his allergic godson. Our toy poodle was smart enough to learn his schedule and wait for him by the door as he heard the elevator... He fell in love with it.

When Nilo turned one year old, problems came. You don't know how much we cry. Our little dog began to have many problems, so many that he died. César is a doctor and we were just in Miami when the tumor showed up. The first thing the vets there did was a complete genetic run. He had a lot of consanguinity. We didn't understand how it was possible, neither we nor the breeder we bought it from.

this is how we are born

Nilo had a pedigree and a certificate that he had no classic genetic problems, eye or hip disorders. The problem was that there was too much endogamy in their line, that is, that their parents or grandparents were family between them. In Spain it is rare for breeders to do complete genetic testing, only basic tests. The pedigree is not entirely reliable because it is very difficult to know 100% which dog is the daddy.

Then we found out how pedigree works. In the end the system is based on responsible declaration and although almost all breeders are excellent there can always be involuntary errors, for example that two males have mounted a mother, or things like that. We do not say that it is wrong on purpose, but no one audits the pedigrees, so Its validity is limited. In the end the breeder can say that he has had six puppies or one, because no one has to endorse it.

After the scare and because we both love animals. In fact, Caesar is going to Antarctica shortly to, as he says: sink whalers! The goal was to make sure that no one suffered like us, we wanted an ecological place, in nature, where animals were happy. We wanted the dogs to be beautiful, for their colors to be as stable as possible, but above all, we wanted their health to be excellent... We have traveled the world to end inbreeding in our toy poodles. We have the rule that the daddy must be Asian and the mommy must be European, that way, beyond the genetic tests that are not infallible either, we are healthy. We have brought our parents from Japan, where Mussu came from; from South Korea, where ShinShan came from; from the Mauritius Islands, where Mauricio came from and along the way we were diving with Sperm Whales... César shows you the video of how a Sperm Whale touches him, literally he is freediving and the Sperm Whale approaches and touches him... of course there is something especially with animals we have...

In the end they will live with you for twenty years, you will love them, you will miss them and we want you to enjoy them to the fullest and only cry with laughter and joy with them. Ask in many places, if they are breeders only of Toy Poodles or of some other breed but a little better, that you love them, that they give you confidence, that they let you see the parents and give you an invoice, but ask and ask until you are clear, Luckily we don't make a living from this, so we would be happy to help you if your dog is from another place where there are excellent breeders in Spain, so ask a lot and fall in love with your new life partner!