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As for morphological characteristics, the toy poodle is defined not so much by weight as by the height at the withers, which must be between 24 and 28 cm.

In our case we have even smaller ones because our poodles are very toy, which can be called teacup in some cases. Moms are usually 22-24 and dads are 24-26, but the truth is that we have some males under 22.

After many years in the canine world, what we can best tell you is that the issue of size and weight is like people. There are tall parents with short children and shorter parents with children of outstanding size. Many times you ask us about height prediction in adulthood. It's almost impossible. The normal thing is that it is the average of the parents, both in weight and height. The genetic study helps us know what load they have, but when they recombine there may be variations.

They are usually small, but just as we have a male that is already three months old and weighs 550 grams and should be 880, we have had one that at three months was at a kilo and a half. It is also true that in adulthood they tend to balance out, it is like the adolescent growth spurt.

The issue of weight is especially influenced by a balanced diet, not giving treats that are very fatty, and the level of activity. Again, like people, if you eat a thousand calories and burn five hundred you will gain weight. In any case, our puppies are quite homogeneous and we can say that roughly the females are usually 23 with withers and two kilos in weight, and the males around 24 with withers and two and a half kilos in weight. For those who want something smaller, the only way to ensure this is to wait for 3-4 months in those who are little and see their development.

Another aspect to demystify is that they are weak dogs. Nothing is further from reality. They jump, play, run... Every two or three generations we introduce black genes because they provide more bone density, otherwise they are generally very healthy dogs. Like any small breed, they are prone to hypoglycemia when they play a lot and are babies, and you have to be a little careful with brushing their hair, their ears... all normal things.