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About us

That's how it all started. We are a couple who love furry ones. The man who is now my husband had always wanted to be a veterinarian but life led him to medicine. Now it seems to have managed to return to its essence.

The truth is that since we met the photos of Toy Poodles filled our WhatsApp. He had a Great Dane and he didn't want another dog, let alone a small one. In the end I convinced him. Just when we started living together, the best gift of my life arrived: our first Nile.

We fell in love with him and discovered the magic of having a dog that did not stain or shed hair, that we could take to play with our allergic godson, who was smart enough to learn our schedules and wait for him by the door... He fell in love with him .

When Nilo was one year old, problems began. You don't know what we cry.

Our puppy began to have many problems, so many that he died.

We were just in Miami for work when the Nilo tumor manifested itself. The veterinarians there immediately carried out a full genetic analysis and found that he was highly related. We did not understand how it was possible, neither we nor the breeder from whom we bought Nilo. He had a pedigree and a certificate that indicated that he did not have common genetic problems, such as eye or hip disorders. The problem was that in his line of descent there was excessive inbreeding, that is, his parents or grandparents were related to each other.

In Spain, it is rare for breeders to carry out complete genetic tests, they are generally limited to basic tests and errors in the actual paternity of the puppies doom future offspring. The pedigree is based on a responsible declaration, and although most breeders are excellent, inadvertent errors can always exist. A male can make a mommy pregnant in the blink of an eye, and there can even be a mating of each puppy and each one fertilizes an egg, with which a child would be born from each daddy. It is essential to know that because otherwise in the future we will cross families without knowing it, with the problems that this generates.

Sad and resigned we began to study, we realized that the only way to avoid the fearsome inbreeding was to do a genetic test. For the puppies and for future duels. In the end we decided to go crazy. Our family didn't understand it, our life was perfect, but if something gets into our heads...

We wanted to ensure that no one suffered like us, we wanted an ecological place, in nature, where animals were happy.

We wanted the dogs to be beautiful, but above all, we wanted them to be super healthy. We have traveled the world. We have brought our parents from Japan, South Korea, Miami, Canada, London and Paris.

In the end they are going to live with you for twenty years, you are going to love them, you are going to miss them and we want you to enjoy them to the fullest and only cry with laughter and joy with them. In these years we have learned a lot, and what we have left. We want to give millions of thanks to all the breeders in the world who have helped us, who have taught us. To the genetic laboratories that have suffered our insistence, that said that this did not exist, and that have managed with effort to make it exist to the point of creating a genetic profile bank of our furry ones.

Millions of thanks for wanting to read our story and for wanting us to be part of your family.